Posted by: Dean Hebert | July 2, 2009

Survey — Mental Preparation for Runners and Triathletes

Coach Dean Hebert

Coach Dean Hebert

Contributing Editor Coach Dean Hebert has embarked on a new project to gain greater understanding about athletes’ needs in regard to their mental preparation for competition. Dean is announcing a joint project with Dr. Patrick Cohn, in which they are collaborating on mental game training materials specifically designed for runners, duathletes, triathletes and endurance athletes.

Here’s a note from Coach Dean asking for your participation in a survey:

The first step is to get some feedback on what aspects of the mental game YOU want to learn more about and HOW you would like to learn it (CD, podcast, eBook, DVD, etc). So, if you have just three minutes please click here to access the survey.

From time to time, I like to check in with you and other readers to ask a few questions about your mental game. This way, I can help you better with your top mental game challenges in track and field, running, or racing. But to help you better, I need your input! I need you to complete a short survey about the mental game challenges you (or your athletes) face in track and field.

Your answers will give me the input needed to bring you the most relevant and practical information about how to improve your (or your athletes) mental toughness.

The survey should only take three minutes of your time to complete. Here’s the link:

Click here to take the survey

For giving me two minutes of your time, I have a special bonus for you after you complete the survey.

Leading mental game authority Dr. Patrick Cohn and I have recorded a special audio program for track and triathlete competitors titled: Five Mistakes Runners Make with Their PreRace Mental Preparation. Complete the survey and you’ll be able to download the audio-cast.

Runner/Triathlete Survey

Thanks for Your Help,

Coach Dean Hebert, Tempe Arizona, USA
Contributing Editor, Running Advice and News


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