Posted by: Joe English | July 8, 2009

Workouts: 1,200M Intervals @ 10K Pace

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

This is week six in our continuing series of favorite speed workouts. If you’re looking for the earlier posts, they are all filed in the category called “workouts”.

Workout: 1,200M Intervals at 10K Pace

Workout Summary: The 1,200M interval is a longer interval than most runners may gravitate too when heading for the track. Three times as a long as a 400M interval, the 1,200M forces the runner to work on pacing more than shorter intervals. Heading out too fast in these intervals will result in a melt-down at best and that’s why they are so great.

In this workout, you’ll do less intervals — on the order of three to six of them — because of the longer distance. The pace of these will be approximately your 10K pace (about 4-6 seconds per 400M lap slower than your 5K pace). The rest interval will be in the range of 45 seconds to two minutes depending on your level of fitness.

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