Posted by: Joe English | July 21, 2009

Training: Is Coconut Water a good drink for athletes?

running-advice-bugChoosing a hydration beverage can be a real challenge for many runners and triathletes. There’s no question that athletes need to replace fluids and electrolytes during exercise, but there are dozens of hydration products on the market. As an athlete you’ll have choices to make: from energy drinks to eletrolyte-only drinks and from mass produced to specialty products.

Whether you’re a Gatorade afficiando or use Nuun, it comes down to experimenting with products to find out what works for you and — importantly — your tastes for flavors.

The question came up recently whether there are all-natural alternatives to the many hydration drinks on the market and the answer is a resounding: sort of!

Coconut juice(or coconut water) is indeed an all-natural product that provides many of the benefits of hydration products, but there are some technical drawbacks that might lead you to lean against considering it for your next big event.

Coconut Water Explored
Coconut water (also called coconut juice by many products) is, as its name implies, the juice of young coconuts. Unlike coconut milk, which comes from mature coconuts, coconut water is an almost clear liquid with only a hint of opacity to it. It is very light in texture and flavor, although when you drink it, it certainly tastes like coconut.

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  1. wow I think it’s great that you are to the point where you crave HEALTHY foods .

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