Posted by: Joe English | July 24, 2009

Video — Common Running Injuries and Injury Prevention

running-advice-bugHere’s episode 23 of our weekly video series. This week Coach Joe English and Coach Dean Hebert start a new three week mini-series on the top of running injuries and injury prevention.

In our episode this week we hit the basics of running injuries:
— What are the most common injuries?
— What are the causes of the most common running injuries?
— What can you do to prevent running injuries?

There will be more on this topic the next two weeks as we look at other related topics such as stretching and strengthening.

This video is part of our Desert Series, in which Coaches Joe English and Dean Hebert get their lips smackin’ about all things marathon running. There are over 30 episodes in the series and they come out every week on

To watch the video, just click the play button in the video window below.

There’s much more coming. We’ve filmed over 30 episodes in this series and we’ll be rolling them out each week. To visit our video page with links to all of the episodes in the series, click here.

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