Posted by: Joe English | September 3, 2009

Video — Running Gear Exposed!

running-advice-bugCue the dramatic Dateline NBC Music: this week on the Running Advice and News podcast it’s time for our dramatic expose on running gear! OK, so it may not be that dramatic, but on this week’s episode Coaches Joe and Dean aim to cut to the chase and help you decipher what running gear is necessary and what’s hocus pocus.

On this episode:
— What running gear do you really need?
— Where should you focus if you have limited money to spend on running apparel?
— Which running gear is totally unnecessary?
— How important is running equipment to your performance as a runner?
— Why will Joe and Dean lose all sponsorship opportunities from apparel companies after the airing of this episode?

To watch the video, just click the play button in the video window below.

There’s much more coming. We’ve filmed over 30 episodes in this series and we’ll be rolling them out each week. To visit our video page with links to all of the episodes in the series, click here.

Running Advice and News



  1. Thanks for recording this. Waaaaaaay to much stuff is bought and sold under the premise it will make you faster.

    Perfectly said about the bikes. I raced on my $900 road bike in tris for many years. Loved passing the $4000 bikes.

    Thanks again and love the show.

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