Posted by: Joe English | October 6, 2009

Nutrition — Weight loss suggestions for runners

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

One of my athletes wrote to me with a question that’s on a lot of runner’s minds. The question goes like this:

“I was wondering if you had a list (or know where I can find one) with foods that will help me with running and also slim me down? I would like to drop about 15lbs by the end of November, and I want to make sure I am eating the right foods to do that.”

I’ve already written a great deal here on the blog about choosing the right foods to fuel workouts and how to figure out the more technical details of things like the number of calories we burn during workouts. Let me instead give some of my secrets to eating that will lead you to lose weight, by picking more nutritious foods and having better eating habits. If you follow these tips, you’ll essentially be doing the following: cutting down on fats, increasing the amount of nutritious foods from fruits and vegetables, and eating at the right time of day to fuel your workouts.

General weight loss tips for runners (and everyone else for that matter):
Fuel during the day, diet at night — as a runner who is trying to lose weight you still need food to fuel your workouts. What you need to do is provide yourself fuel during the day to power your activities and then cut down on what you take in late in the day before you settle down for the night. Eat normally at breakfast and lunch and then cut down on the size of your meals at dinner. Too many people leave their calories until the end of the day and then eat too much because they are hungry. Eat or snack every four hours to keep hunger from building up and then eat a lighter dinner. This is one of the most effective things to do to lose weight.

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