Posted by: Joe English | November 6, 2009

Video — Running Addiction and Streak Runners

running-advice-bugSeason 2 continues in our weekly video series as Coach Joe English and Dean Hebert sit down for another chat about marathon running. Continuing on from last week’s discussion of addictive substances, we move on to think about whether running itself can be an addiction.

In this episode:
— Can running be addictive?
— When is too much running, too much?
— What is a streak runner?
— Is Coach Joe thinking of going streaking?

To watch the video, just click the play button in the video window below.

Season 2 will bring you 30 more episodes so stay tuned every Thursday on Vimeo, Facebook and on

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Season 2 Video Page

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  1. interesting video !

    thanks for sharing.

  2. I think I qualify as a streak runner. I’m almost half-way through year thirty without missing a day but I try to be considerate of my family by scheduling my runs around regular family routine and special events. I do get up very early sometimes in order to get my run in and I have been known to run in airports (The tunnel that connects the concourses in Atlanta is especially good since it is a mile long, carpeted, and air conditioned.) and in unusual conditions such as during typhoons (Philippines). When I had cataract surgery I ran before the surgery and didn’t run until late the next day and the doctor made me cut back to one mile for a few days although I cheated a little! I average about thirty miles a week when I’m not training for an event but I bump it up when getting ready for something. At age 66 I know I’m going to eventually miss a day. I just hope it isn’t for some dumb reason. That would depress me. Running has been very good for me. My father died at 65, my brother at 64, and my sister at 62. None of them were runners. My doctor just shakes his head in amazement when he gives me my annual physical. I don’t think I’m addicted although I may be a little compulsive. I think a lot more good has come from my running streak than bad and I think America would be much better off if more people ran every day.

    • Fascinating comment Ed! Thanks for sharing your story!

      Keep it up.

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