Posted by: Joe English | January 7, 2010

Video — Season 2 – Episode 10 — Barefoot Running

running-advice-bugSeason 2 continues this week with Episode 10 as Coaches Joe English and Dean Hebert sit down for another interesting chat about all things marathon running.

Anyone interested in taking their shoes off and running with naked feet? Well, if so, then this episode is for you as Joe and Dean tackle the topic of barefoot running.

On this episode:
— Should you consider running barefoot?
— Have there been successful barefoot runners?
— Who are the Tarahumara?
— How would you start barefoot running?

Thank you to our friend Peter Taylor who lent us his house recently, which is the location for the next few episodes of the show.

To visit our video pages with links to all of the episodes in the series, go to:
Season 1 Video Page

Season 2 Video Page

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  1. I love running barefoot. With shoes, I constantly had shin splints and also was having achilles tendon pain. At first I took the barefooting too fast and hurt my metatarsals, but now I am having no pain or injuries or anything.
    For me, barefooting is kind of natural because I have spent so much of my life barefoot. I was a gymnast and a dancer, did karate, and have been a swimmer for 6 years (those were all barefoot). So I guess I have never really adapted my feet to running shoes because they hurt me. In public I normally wear sandals and then to ride my horses I have to wear boots of course.

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