Posted by: Joe English | February 9, 2010

Training — Do I need to wear underwear when I run?

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

So every once in awhile I get a question from a reader that requires a follow-up question from me. Before jumping in to answer their question, I need to probe a little to understand what they’re really asking. This week I received a fairly straight-forward question that deserved just such a follow-up. The question comes from a runner that we will call “Suzie” from a place called “Little Rock”.

“Coach Joe, do I need to wear underwear under my shorts when I run?”

Follow-up: “Why do you ask Suzie?”

“My underwear gets all stinky, brown and nasty, so I wondered if I need to wear them.”

I’m so glad I asked. I thought that she might have been asking something really gross. OK, Suzie, here’s the answer to your question.

To continue reading about underwear choices for runners, click here.


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