Posted by: Joe English | March 2, 2010

Training — Do I need to wear socks when I run?

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the question of wearing under-wear when running. That post spawned a lot of e-mails asking a lot of very interesting questions, some of which do not need to be repeated on this family friendly running blog. But one question that a number of people raised had to do with socks: do you need to wear them when running?

So, do you need to wear socks while running? This question I can dispose of with two simple words: it depends.

The role of the sock is, generally speaking, to protect the foot from rubbing against the inside of the shoe. Rubbing is a source of blistering, especially when there is moisture present. As I often say, “moisture+motion=blisters”. But here’s the thing: if there is no friction or rubbing or moisture in the shoe, then socks aren’t always a necessity. In fact, for many people, the wrong sock can even contribute to the motion and or moisture problems.

And to make things more interesting, this question is totally dependent on the fit of your shoes on your feet, so it may not be the same answer from shoe to show. In other words, some people may be required to wear socks with some of their shoes and may not need them with others.

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