Posted by: Joe English | March 8, 2010

Question — How many miles to make a marathon ‘just another run’?

Here’s a question that came in from a reader named Bridgette:

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

“How many miles do you have to run each week to make a marathon ‘just another run’?”

Well Bridgette, good question. Let me start by interpreting the phrase ‘just another run’ to mean not needing much recovery from the marathon. So I think what you’re asking is how many miles you need to run to be able to have a quick recovery from a marathon.

Let’s approach this first by saying that the number of miles that you run each week isn’t going to be the determining factor here. The issue that will dictate how quickly you recover from the marathon is the intensity that you run the miles and then the effort level at which the marathon is run.

To continue reading about marathon effort levels and recovery, click here.


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