Posted by: Joe English | March 22, 2010

Commentary — Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution; Jamie has it right

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

I tuned in to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night and found myself quite transfixed with what was happening there on the screen in front of me. Those runners that follow my writing here on know that I’m a big proponent of the concept of putting some thought behind our eating choices. Little did I know that someone was going to try to address this topic on a much grander scale that I could every from my pulpit here on the Internet.

I’ve been a fan on Jamie Oliver’s for years. As a cook and nutritional advice-giver to athletes all over the world, what he’s saying speaks absolute truth to me: food can be healthy and taste good; and, we need to ask a few simple questions before we eat. The first question being: “what’s in it?”

Oliver’s show takes this one step further to address the eating habits of kids. The difficult concept for many people to grasp here is that kids eating habits are shaped by their parents and other adults who are tasked with feeding them. Anyone that says that kids only want to eat pizza and chicken nuggets needs not look much further than the person feeding them to figure out why that is. Food provides both nutrition and a source of comfort for kids and they develop a taste for the foods that are set in front of them at a young age.

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