Posted by: Joe English | April 18, 2010

Training – Coach Joe’s Sports Performance Analysis (Part II)

running-advice-bugIn an article earlier today, I told you about my on-going adventure to come to the Boston Marathon expo to be tested by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Now that the testing has been completed, I’m sure there are burning questions on your mind: did Coach Joe learn anything new? Did he pass out in the heat of running in a hot convention center at nearly full-speed? Did Coach Joe fall off the treadmill? Well, the answers two one of those questions is yes, but you’ll have to read on to find out which one.

For part I of this series — Click here.

So, what happened?

Coach Joe English During Fitness Testing

I arrived in Boston on the red-eye from San Francisco before 7:00AM. Although I didn’t sleep, I figured this would be a good simulation of the sleepless that happens before any big race. I arrived just in time to see one of my favorite runners, Josh Cox, win the 5K run in front of a field of 5,000 other runners. I made my way over to to the Hynes Convention Center and waded through the crowds of marathon runners to meet the folks from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

A couple of extremely nice athletic performance scientists got me all set for my run on the treadmill. I was sent off to pee in a cup and as I was carrying it back to the booth in a little plastic bottle inside a paper bag, I thought that I’d never look at a person carrying a paper bag in a marathon expo in the same way again. With the pee handed off, it was time for a quick weigh-in and then to mount up onto the treadmill.

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  1. Coach Joe-

    It seems that the link to the rest of this article is broken and we cannot get the remainder of your post.


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