Posted by: Joe English | April 30, 2010

Training — Should I be “forefoot running”?

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

A friend of mine named Dave writes in from California with the following question:

“I’ve been doing all this reading about forefoot running and how it’s supposed to be better for you for a variety of reasons. i’m thinking of slowly learning this style of what’s supposed to be “natural’ running but am wondering if you have any thoughts or words of wisdom on the matter.”

Great question Dave. The topic of running on the forefoot comes up a lot and it is often raised in the way that you ask it: “should I be running on more on my forefeet?” The answer to the question is that it depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your running. If your goal is to run faster, than the answer will most likely be yes, because forefoot running is a by-product of running faster.

The problem with this topic is that many people often hear of the concept of “getting more forward” or “running more on their forefoot” and so they try to change their running stride without changing anything else. That’s a little a kin to changing from long-distance running shoes into track spikes before you head out for your slow 20-miler. In other words, running on your forefeet is more of an end-result than a goal that one should set.

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