Posted by: Joe English | May 26, 2010

Training — Lingo Lessons – Decoding the Language of Running

running-advice-bugI recently contributed to a lengthy Running Guide for the June 2010 issue of SELF magazine. The article includes a basic training plan for running your first 5K, 10K and half-marathon, which you can download from the SELF web-site. One fun section didn’t make the final cut of the article and I wanted to to share it with you. I was asked to provide a decoder ring for new runners, which we called “Lingo Lessons”. Enjoy!

Lingo Lessons — Decoding the Language of Running

Hitting the Wall: “Marathon runners my “hit the wall” any time after mile 16 in a marathon. Don’t worry, there is no physical wall. They’ve just run out of energy and have seen a sharp drop in their pace. The wall can usually be avoided by going out at an easier pace.”

Speedwork: “Any type of track workout that involves picking up the pace and pushing hard can be called Speedwork. Runners like to tell tales of their speed workouts, which may include fancy sounding terms like Pyramids, Ladders or 4x400s. Just know that these workouts are usually run on a track and involve trying to run faster than normal. (See also Tempo Run and Intervals.)

Tempo run: “A Tempo Run is a painfully difficult high-speed run that will last about twenty minutes in length. If you’ve been invited along on a Tempo Run, you’re either talking to someone that is a serious runner or who is trying to sound like one. You may want to pass on the opportunity unless you’re ready to really push yourself.”

To continue reading, click here.


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