Posted by: Joe English | June 10, 2010

Race Review — New San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon

running-advice-bugIt isn’t every day that a marathon course gets re-invented. And it happens even more infrequently when it is very large race. So when the Competitor Group announced major changes to the Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon course, it was with great excitement that many people approached the 2010 race.

As one runner told me, “I was here for the first Rock N Roll San Diego and now I’m back. This time it feels new again.”

Big changes for the 2010 running of the Rock N Roll Marathon included the addition of a half-marathon and a reconfiguration of the later half of the full marathon course. The new courses also ended at Sea World, rather than the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot. But with all of these changes, the race still kept the many elements that have become synonymous with the Rock N Roll series: music, cheerleaders, good aid stations and well oiled logistics.

The Pros and Cons
Let’s start with the cons, because there was only one that really stood out to me. The start area was essentially unchanged from previous years. That meant the addition of about 8,000 new runners added into the start area. No matter what additional services they may have put into place, the start zone felt like total chaos to me.

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