Posted by: Joe English | June 15, 2010

Training — What’s on your running performance check-list?

running-advice-bugWe runners have good days and bad days. We hope the good outnumber the bad, but quite frankly sometimes it doesn’t go that way. There are times when we find ourselves in a rut, grinding out the miles, and maybe even seeing disappointing workout performances. When that happens, the first thing I always go to is my check-list, which helps me look across the different variables that I know impact my running performance and then I try to figure out where I’m going wrong.

It occurs to me that many runners may not have a check-list that captures these variables, so my encouragement today is that you start collecting one. When you go through this process, you should really think about your life in fine detail and start to catalog those items that are likely impacting your workouts: things like your daily schedule, what you’ve been eating and how much stress is on your plate.

I thought I would share my own check-list, the one that I go to when the wheels start falling off, in hopes that it might spur some thoughts in each of you. Everyone is different, so this isn’t meant to be a guide, but the larger topics may help in guiding you to finding those items that move your running needle from positive to negative.

Coach Joe’s Personal Performance Check-list
1. What did I eat yesterday and how have I been eating over the past week? When I’ve been skimping on meals, especially protein, I notice a marked decline in my ability to recover. I start by re-setting my meal plan and making sure that I’m eating high-quality foods.

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