Posted by: Joe English | July 8, 2010

Training — Dissecting the Overweight Runner

running-advice-bugIn a post earlier this week, I was writing about methods for people to start running when they are overweight. I mentioned in that post that despite the fact that there is an image of runners as “tall skinny people”, we runners have been heartily challenging that image lately. The number of runners carrying more than their fair share of weight around during marathons seems to be climbing.

So the question that I wanted to revisit today is simply this: how is that some marathon runners can be overweight?

The answer is really not that complex. Runners are subject to the same rules as everyone else when it comes to the food choices that we make. Let’s dig in and look at four factors that could lead runners to be overweight.

Fat Factor 1 — you can’t eat whatever you want, just because you run. Although running burns calories, we runners still need to match our caloric intake needs with the amount of calories that we actually burn. Too often I hear runners say, “I run so that I can eat whatever I want.”

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