Posted by: Joe English | July 22, 2010

Video – Sock Fetish (Episode 3-2)

running-advice-bugIt’s time for another episode of The Rungasm and today we have a very appropriate topic for a show with such a name. Today, Coach Dean is channeling some inner-weirdo and we delve into the topic of sock fetish. OK, not really. Actually Coach Dean just really likes his collection of running socks and Coach Joe shows that he is into the more technical side of the running sock.

On this week’s episode:
– We look into the respective sock drawers of Coach Joe and Coach Dean
– How do you choose a running sock?
– What different kinds of running socks are out there?
– What do your sock choices say about you?

Click here to link to our video series home page:

To visit our video pages with links to all of the episodes in our last two season, go to:
Season 1 Video Page

Season 2 Video Page

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