Posted by: Joe English | September 9, 2010

Video — On-line Communities for Runners (Episode 3-8)

running-advice-bugWe apologize in advance for the use of coarse, vulagar and offensive language in this week’s episode. For those of you engaged in the trade of prostitution, we apologize if we have in any way disparaged you.

To our guest on the show: we’ll she’s a good sport and KNOWS that it isn’t true. One just never knows what will come out of Coach Joe’s mouth, does one?

In any case, the topic of today’s show are on-line communities and how they are a tool that can support runners and running groups. We think they are important and worthwhile and our friends from the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans are a great example. The Sisterhood is also a good example of a group with a good sense of humor. Again, apologies to anyone in the “business” that may have been offended of our use of the term “skanky” and “ho”, although we doubt many of you watch our show.

On this week’s episode:
— How can on-line communities support runners?
— What might runners get out of an on-line running group?
— What kinds of names might you expect to be called by members of your running group if you miss your workout.

Enjoy. This was the last of the episodes that we shot in San Diego at the Rock N Roll Marathon and we thank our audience and the guests from the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for their appearances on the show.

Click here to link to our video series home page:

To visit our video pages with links to all of the episodes in our last two season, go to:
Season 1 Video Page

Season 2 Video Page

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