Posted by: Joe English | September 20, 2010

Short Answer Mondays: Eliminating Run/Walk Intervals

running-advice-bugIt’s time for our next installment of our short answers Monday, in which we look at reader e-mails and give some advice. We have one question this week that has to do with run/walk intervals, which comes up a lot. Keep those questions coming.

Jen, who is training for a half-marathon, brings us her question this week:

I am finally really getting the whole running thing – sort of – I have fallen into a rhythm with 1min running: 1 minute walking intervals. Is this lame? I feel pretty comfortable and strong with the 1:1 intervals – a little nervous about changing this up but I know I should….do you have any suggestions?

Good question Jen. The first thing that I’d always want to look at are your goals. There’s nothing “wrong” with doing 1:1 intervals — or any interval strategy for that matter. So, before we change things let’s think about what you’d gain. The most obvious thing is going to be speed. As you eliminate the walking intervals, you’re bound to speed up. So if your trying to get faster then this is a good way to do it. But if you’re happy with the ways things feel and you’re not concerned with your finishing time then there is a no reason that you have to change something that is working for you.

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