Posted by: Joe English | October 14, 2010

Video — Good at every distance? (Episode 3-9)

running-advice-bugCoaches Joe and Dean are back, this time sitting in Runner’s Greenery up in Oregon. They’ve been off for awhile, but they pick up the trail with another interesting topic: can you really be good at every distance?

See, runner’s come to us and they want to PR at every race in the same season and they think that’s perfectly reasonable. This week we look at expectations about being good at different distances at the same time.

On the show this week:
— Can you be good at every distance at the same time?
— What do you sacrifice by racing at multiple distances?
— What is the benefit of specializing in particular race distances?

Click here to link to our video series home page:

To visit our video pages with links to all of the episodes in our last two season, go to:
Season 1 Video Page

Season 2 Video Page

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