Posted by: Joe English | October 21, 2010

Video — Masters Runners (Episode 3-10)

running-advice-bugCoach Joe attained a certain status on 10-10-10 — he became what’s known as a “Masters Runner”. Coach Dean has been one for awhile. The Masters Runner is a runner over the age of 40. This week we talk about getting old, why there are distinctions between older runners, and what sets the Masters Runner apart.

On this week’s episode:
– What is a Masters Runner?
– Why have separate divisions for Masters Runners?
– How old are Coach Joe and Coach Dean anyway?
– What does it mean to be called “a young kid” by an old guy?

Click here to link to our video series home page:

To visit our video pages with links to all of the episodes in our last two season, go to:
Season 1 Video Page

Season 2 Video Page

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