Posted by: Joe English | December 28, 2010

Training — New Year’s Resolutions Runners Might Actually Keep

running-advice-bugHow many New Year’s resolutions do you really keep? For how long? Let’s be honest, we all mean well in setting lofty goals for ourselves, but there have been times I know that my New Year’s Resolution was broken by… Jan 2nd! Anyone that belongs to a gym notices that they can’t find a parking spot for about the first four weeks of the year, but afterward. . . where do all of those well meaning people go?

The problem is that in making New Year’s Resolutions many people just bite off more than they can chew. The key to making New Year’s Resolutions that stick is to find manageable changes that we can make in behavior that once we’ve made them will lead us to on to bigger progress toward our goals.

Today I give you five New Year’s Resolutions that any runner could make and hopefully keep. All of these require you to add or delete something from your return only once a week. And the best part is that if you can stick these out for just 4-6 weeks, you’ll probably keep on doing them or even want to add more to them. Take the challenge to make just one of these this year and become a better runner in the process.

Five New Year’s Resolutions Runners Can Keep
1. I will do one quality or speed workout per week — Too many runners suffer from what we might call monotony in their running — doing the same workouts over and over again, day in and day out. But most runners don’t know where to start in adding new elements into the mix. If you don’t have the time or commitment yet to get a coach to build a plan for you, start by adding just one workout each week that focuses on getting you to run faster. Just start with one. This workout can be as simple as warming up, running hard for 30 seconds, jogging for 30 seconds, and repeating for five-to-ten minutes. Or you could add hill repeats, a track workout, or even just play a game with fellow runners in which you take turns leading and pushing up the pace. Do something, anything, to pick up the pace for a portion of your workout. If you need some suggestions, check out the “workouts” category on this blog for ideas.

2. I will do 25 push ups and 25 sit ups after one workout each week — adding in some basic core and upper body strength exercises will make you a stronger and leaner runner. Rather than trying to get yourself to the gym twice a week, just drop down and give me 25 basic push ups and sit-ups at the end of your run. Do this just once a week to start. You may start doing these more frequently, but remember these resolutions are meant to be easy enough to for anyone to keep. Pick one day of the week when you’ll promise to do these. Even you can you do this one right?

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