Posted by: Joe English | January 6, 2011

Video — The Boston Marathon (Episode 3-16)

running-advice-bugAh the Boston Marathon. THE BOSTON MARATHON. There is no race with more mystique and cache to marathon runners than “Boston”. But why? And what happened in for the 2011 race that allowed it to sell out in a matter of hours. Isn’t this the very difficult to qualify for, pinnacle of running performance, Boston Marathon? Well, yes, it is. And on this week’s episode Coaches Joe and Dean talk about Boston.

On the episode this week:
– What makes the Boston Marathon special?
– Where does the mystique of Boston come from?
– Should the BAA lower the qualifying times for the Boston Marathon?
– Do Coaches Joe and Dean love the Boston Marathon? (Yes.)

This week’s episode was recorded live at Road Runner Sports in Tempe, Arizona. We thank Road Runner Sports for hosting us.

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  1. The real reason…BAA has sold out to the Corporate dollar

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