Posted by: Joe English | January 11, 2011

Motivation — The Power of “I can, I will”

running-advice-bugLast week I wrote a post about the Power of Pacing. It started me pondering a related topic, which has to do with the power of the way we think about our workouts and races. I was struggling through a tough workout on Friday when I finally figured out a way to express the concept — I’m going to call it “The Power of I can, I will.”

What I’m going to talk about is how we can make workouts difficult by thinking about them as difficult or we can direct our thinking in a much more positive way, by simply telling ourselves “I can, I will” finish, try, keep going, through that workout.

I’ve heard many, many runners look at a workout and say, “I can’t do that.” What they are struggling with is that they think they workout is going to be painful, long, fatiguing or tiring and ultimately that they won’t make it through a workout. Usually people have these thoughts even before they start the workout.

This is a tough position to be in, because it means that they are almost guaranteeing that their perception of the workout will feel as difficult as it can possibly be. Feeling miserable about your workout before it starts, in other words, is a great way to make sure that it feels terrible.

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