Posted by: Joe English | March 17, 2011

Video — What to do With Only Four Weeks? (Episode 3-20)

running-advice-bugSo you’ve been talked, cajoled or otherwise bamboozled into running a marathon four weeks from now. You haven’t been training, maybe you’re not even a runner. You do some web searches and everything talks about “tapering” the last few weeks before a marathon. And what do you do now?

On this week’s show:
– What can you do in the last four weeks before a race when you haven’t been training?
– What are the risks of attempting a marathon on little or no training?
– Should you attempt a marathon without training for it?
– Have you asked if there is an option to do the half-marathon?

This one might be one of our tough love episodes, but seriously this is a question that we get asked all of the time.

This week’s episode was recorded live at Road Runner Sports in Tempe, Arizona. We thank Road Runner Sports for hosting us.

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