Posted by: Joe English | August 10, 2011

Training — Five Tips to Motivating Yourself to Run

running-advice-bugI was thinking the other day at the track about something that gets me motivated to run. I have noticed that when other people are on the track with me, or even better watching, that I tend to run just a little bit harder. This is especially true when people are watching soccer games out on the field and I know they aren’t really there to watch me. For some reason this little bit of “pressure” of people watching, gets just one extra little notch out of my workouts.

So I started thinking about how this might translate to other people. Everyone is motivated in different ways, but I have a few things that pop to mind that you might want to try to wring out just a little bit more from your workouts. Try some of these tips and see if they work to give you a little bit of extra motivation.

1. Race once per week — My colleague Coach Dean likes to say that racing even one mile per week is excellent for building racing skills and fitness. Our competitive drives come out when we are put under pressure and racing situations tend to push us to run harder than just about any other time. But in advising you to race, I’m not saying that you need to run a marathon every weekend. For from it. Pick a training partner and challenge one another to one mile, one quarter mile, or any other distance on the track. It really only takes on person to go up against to get your competitive juices going, so find someone and throw down the gauntlet once per week.

2. Get a training partner of equal or better speed — I do most of my training alone, but one of the best ways to get a little more our of your workouts it to pair yourself up against someone — especially someone just a little faster than you. Toeing the line on the track in 400s or 800s with someone that will take turns leading wrings a little bit more out of those workouts. And when you starting feeling fatigue, you’re less likely to back it off with another set of eyes on you.

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