Posted by: Joe English | August 25, 2011

Video — One Second (Episode 3-22)

running-advice-bugDoes one second really matter? Does it make a difference in how you feel about a performance? It might not seem so, but today we look at how just one measly second might make a huge difference — between a PR and not; between qualifying for Boston or not; between glory and second place.

Coaches Joe and Dean are back in Scottsdale talking about marathon running and running related topics. On this episode:
– Can one second make difference in how you feel about your time?
– Where do those seconds come from?
– How can we think about this topic to better understand the impact of that one second on our performances?

Watch and share on Vimeo or YouTube below.

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To visit our video pages with links to all of the episodes in our last two season, go to:
Season 1 Video Page

Season 2 Video Page

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