Posted by: Joe English | October 14, 2011

Training — Bicyling’s Top 50 Tips, Applied to Running

running-advice-bugBicycling Magazine did an amazing job with their new 50th Anniversary Special issue, out on newstands for November 2011. One of the great articles is a compilation of their 50 Golden Rules — 50 of the best tips offered by commentators and cycling stars over the years. As I read through the list, I found myself thinking, “wow, that’s really true for running as well” to many of them. Today, I offer my list of the Top Bicycling Magazine Tips Applied to the World of Running.

Tip 6Ride with the Best — Bicycling relates the advice of Gary Fisher who advises, “Find the best, train with them, watch what they do, and learn their secrets.” This is very true for running and is why we see such a competitive racing envirnonment here in Portland, Oregon: the best come here to train with and race against one another. When you train with the best, you are forced to work harder and learn from what they are doing. If you want to push yourself, find the best group in your town and join them. It will help you get to the next level.

Tip 8 — Clean Your Shoes Monthly — So I’ll modify this a bit and say that we as runners need to replace our shoes frequently and take good care of them. I recall a conversation with my friend Ed Deets. I asked him when the last time was that he replaced his shoes. The ultramarathoner said to me, “oh, it’s been a few years.” No matter if you’re into minimalist running or wear the heaviest thing out there, shoes last longer and smell better when you take care of them.

Tip 9 — Warm Up— Boy, if there is one thing that runners have a hard time doing is getting it into their heads that warming up is essential before every run and race. Take a watch of the Tour de France time-trials some year and you’ll see the cyclists sitting turning the pedals on their stationary bikes for what seems to be hours. They’re getting their legs warm, primed and ready to fire. If you plan to run your fastest race pace from the gun, your guns need to be loaded and ready to shoot.

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  1. The tip about looking after your shoes is especially great. Although one tip that I have is not to machine wash your trainers as the cushioning and support will warp.

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