Posted by: Joe English | March 27, 2012

The Real Life Runner — A Quadriplegic Gives Me a Dose of Inspiration

Erin Crowell -- The Real Life Runner

Two new contributing writers are joining the staff of Today we debut a new weekly column called The Real Life Runner by author Erin Crowell. Erin is both a journalist and a runner. She will be focusing on how running contributes to our lives in ways greater than our health, lifestyles or competitive drives. She tackle topics such as how running can be used to make political statements, to raise awareness for causes, or to contribute to the rehabilitation of the body and soul. Erin lives in Traverse City, Michigan. Welcome Erin!

“Leave your worries, leave your fears
Leave the doubt you’re holding dear
Leave them there, love, by the door
They’re no good anymore”
– “Nothing for Granted” by Brendan James

Erin and Grant

“I’m so sore today,” I say, taking inventory of my body – from my tight quads to aching calves. “I don’t think I’ll be able to run tonight.”

“Wahhh!” Grant says mockingly, a crooked smile on his face.

I should have seen that coming.

Grant likes to poke fun, but more so he likes taking any doubts or complaints you may have and throw them back at face-value; because they are exactly that: nothing more than doubt and complaints.

We continue walking through the local mall – me, decked out in a fanny pack that holds a bottle of water, towel and timer; Grant, leaning on his gait trainer that allows him to put one foot in front of the other.

For my friend Grant Forrester, a 24-year-old quadriplegic living in Traverse City, Michigan, there is no such thing as can’t.

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