Posted by: Joe English | June 6, 2012

Commentary — It’s National Running Day, Now What?

running-advice-bugSo dear running readers National Running Day is upon us. There was a part of me this morning that wanted to write “National Running Day” across my chest and go for a run through downtown, but then I got a grip on myself (not physically) and decided I really didn’t know what to do with a national day of recognition dedicated to the sport that I love so much.

Coach Joe English, (Photo: Sol Neelman)

There’s a part of me that understands the idea behind these days of national recognition. They bring focus to issues of national importance and remind us of things like the importance of planting trees (Abor Day), to respect our flag (Flag Day) or to remember those we might otherwise forget (National Bosses Day). These days also might have the unfortunate reputation as being an excuse for businesses to market to us, which might be the case for something like say National Milk Day. [I came up with that one by thinking of the first thing that came to mind and typing it into Google. There is not only a National Milk Day, but a World Milk Day. But I digress.]

So we’ve come to our day. June 6th is National Running Day 2012.

Ok, now what?

The web-site for National Running Day suggests that we go for a run, which I bet many of my readers have already done — because it’s something that we do everyday. We could talk to people about running, but we do that most of the day as well. We could go try to recruit some new runners, but we’ve probably done that to everyone in our lives to the point of them fleeing when we walk into the cafeteria. We could go to the local school and try to get some kids to go for a run, provided that we are not prohibited from entering school grounds for one reason or another. (Not that I am saying you are.)

I guess, instead, we could reflect on what running means to us in our lives. We could think about the positives and negatives that running provides to us. And we could, perhaps, share some of those positives and negatives with those around us.

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