Posted by: Joe English | July 20, 2012

Gear — Buying Running Shoes Might Require Patience

running-advice-bugI was working with a client over the past week to do the seemingly straight-forward task of putting running shoes on her feet. You’d think that buying running shoes would be a simple affair. You might even think that it would fun. And for some people it surely is a fun experience. But for others, an exercise in patience it can be. Let’s look today at why buying running shoes might require some patience on your part.

First, there are people out there that are blessed with a great bio-mechanics, commonly shaped feet and a bit of luck. I admit to being such a person. I could put on just about any pair of running shoes in my size and I could probably run in them. For me it comes down to the feel of the shoe as well as picking a pair that helps me meet my performance goals. In fact, a lot of good runners fall into this category. Perhaps we’re not lucky. Perhaps the people at the running shoe companies use us as the models for their shoe designs and poof — they just work.

But then there is the vast majority of the rest of you out there. Those of you that put on a pair of shoes and realize that your knee-bone is connected to your ankle-bone and that’s connected to your hip-bone and it suddenly doesn’t feel that good.

Here’s the thing. Everything from the foot up to your head is connected in a big chain of linkages and carefully connected structures. When you take off running, your feet are engaged in a epic battle that requires balance, power, and leverage. In fact just about every muscle in your body from the foot up through your mid-section is doing something to either push you forward, keep you upright or create the counter-force that keeps you from flopping over forward or backward.

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  1. I think I am one of those people unlucky enough not to fit into many of the running shoes available in the market right now. I just noticed how painful it is to do long runs with my current shoes so I am going back to the market to buy a new pair. I don’t think my girl friends are that happy to accompany me on shoe shopping either because buying this single item could take me hours.

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