Posted by: Joe English | October 3, 2012

Commentary — Where’s Coach Joe Anyway?

running-advice-bugIt’s been a tough year folks. I’ve been through a lot this year, traveling through uncharted territory and I’m beginning to feel a huge weight lifting from my shoulders. While I won’t go into the details now, I will say that I’m a completely different person and ready to start the next chapter in this journey we are all on together.

As part of this process that I’ve been through, I took a little break from writing. It wasn’t really a planned break, but it turned into one after I started kicking around ideas for a new book and completing some other big projects. It’s been six weeks of radio silence here on the blog. I know it has become a problem for some of my readers, because I’ve started getting text messages from people asking “are you OK Coach Joe?” Even Facebook sent me a note to say that they missed me. Who knew that my tiny little piece of Facebook would go noticed when it went dark.

Well, when I’m writing to you it takes a whole lot of mental energy and when that energy is directed elsewhere it makes it really hard to come up with topics, do research and solve complicated problems. For those of you that follow “evolutionary astrology” you might know that there are big things afoot this weekend. The end of a cycle that has haunted those under the Libra sign that is coming to a close after almost two and a half years of torment. I’m really happy about that.

A couple of weeks back I had this amazing dream. I woke up sobbing and knew that I had finally hit upon the idea for my next book and article series. You’ll start seeing pieces of that series rolling out soon, as a I work on this new workbook for people recovering from painful things in their lives with the help of long-distance sports like running.

For now I’ll say that I’ll be back with my normal two articles per week to keep Facebook and Twitter happy. And to all of you that checked in on me, I will say “thank you” and “I’m doing fine.” With the marathon running season upon us and the start of training for some big events next year, I have lots of new material to share with you.

Thanks for reading.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA


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