Posted by: Joe English | November 6, 2012

Tips #15 — Poop Before You Run

running-advice-bugI wrote an article a couple of weeks ago in which I gave 15 pieces of advice. I’m working my way through the list to explain where those pieces of sage information came from. This week’s tip was pulled, well, right out of my butt.

Tip #15 and 14: Poop before you run. You don’t want to risk pooping in your shorts during a race. THIS BEARS REPEATING.

Poop before you run. If you poop in your shorts, you risk being called “Shit Pants” and getting Depends for your birthday for the rest of your life.

There’s a serious issue here. Runners, and marathon runners in particular, are prone to needing to expel any mass in their bowels when they’re running. The reason is all that jiggling and bumping up and down. But (not pun intended) once the need to let it lose happens then they may find themselves in trouble for a couple of reasons. First, there may not be any place to place your deposit. Second, they may wait too long for fear of losing time on the clock and thinking they can “make it” to the finish. And third, they may start being overwhelmed by fatigue to the point that they can’t (or don’t) hold it in anymore.

On top of that, still being sort of serious, if diarrhea starts to creep into the picture the situation gets even worse. Runner’s Diarrhea is a real problem (click to read our two–part series). As dehydration sets in, diarrhea can really take off. (We even did a video in our series on this issue called “The Runs on the Run“.) The presence of liquid in stool makes it really hard (no pun intended) to keep in its place.

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