Posted by: Joe English | June 10, 2014

Review: Strava Running and Cycling Fitness GPS App

running-advice-bugI love Strava. I just love it. There are many fitness apps out there today, but there are five things that make the Strava Running and Cycling GPS App my number one choice for tracking and comparing running and cycling workouts.

A screen capture from Stava

A screen capture from Stava

First off, I have not been paid, solicited or even approached by the folks at Strava or any other company to write this review. I have been using Strava as both a premium and standard user on my Android smartphone for more than a year. I have used it on both Samsung Galaxy S3 and now LG G2 Pro smartphones. In that time I have recorded about 1,900 miles of rides and almost 1,000 miles of runs. I should also note that I continue to use a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch and a cycling computer on my bike, both for the instant access to data that comes from these devices. But there are a number of reasons that I think Strava is tops for recording and capturing workout data.

Reason 1: It’s easy to use. For an app to really make it with the broadest range of users it has to be super easy to set up, use and navigate. Strava does such a nice job of keeping the interface simple. Say you want to switch between running and cycling? You just click the icon on the bicycle or the shoe at the top. That’s it. (It used to be two different apps.) You simply start a recording and then save it at the end. The simplicity of it extends to the way it compares data to other athletes. It does it automatically. You don’t have to tell Strava to compare you to others or define the routes. Strava users define the routes, leaving this to those that care to do it, and the system simply makes the comparisons for you. It couldn’t be simpler.

Reason 2: It’s a training history all in one place. I used to be so haphazard about keeping records of my runs and rides. Forget writing them down or inputting them into TrainingPeaks. Since I take my phone with me on my workouts, now I simply hit record and have a record of all of my outdoor runs and rides in once place. This makes it very easy for me to scan back and see what I’ve done over the course of the last month or how long some ride or run might have been.

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