Posted by: Joe English | August 21, 2014

Four Ways to Beat the Mid-season Blues #running #marathon #triathlon

running-advice-bugYou’re making your way through a long season. You’ve been training for months. You’re about half-way through and all of the sudden. . . it feels so hard to work out everyday. Your race suddenly feels so far off. I call this the “Mid-season Blues” and when it hits, it can be really hard to kick.

lone_runnerToday I’ll give you four ways that you can beat the Mid-season Blues to get that training on-track and re-focus yourself for your big upcoming race:

First Keep an eye on your goal. Everything you do is preparing you for your ultimate goal of completing your marathon or other event. If you’ve lost sight of the goal, take a moment to reflect on it. Go on-line and look at pictures or read about your race. Visit the event’s web-site. Do some fundraising. Talk to people about the race, as opposed to your training. Tell people how excited you are about it (even if you are not!). These things will help you re-ground yourself with the goal. I often find that when I find myself feeling stressed about half-way through a season, I repeat to myself (usually when I am on the track) “this is the workout that made the difference at (my race).” I make a mental stake-in the ground that each day is important and I can picture finishing a race strong, feeling that whatever workout I did that particular day is the one that my competitors didn’t do.

Second, know that everything you do is cumulative. You may have heard me use an analogy that the marathon is kind of like doing a lot of push-ups. If you were to set out to do a whole bunch of push-ups, the first ones would be easy and then you would get progressively more tired. This is fatigue setting in from the repetition of the movement you are doing. You don’t actually weigh more as you do more push-ups, it just feels like it. The way that we get stronger is to keep doing push-ups and eventually you can do more of them before you get tired. It’s the same with running or walking a marathon, you’re just taking steps instead of doing push-ups. The middle of the season is the time when you are doing repetitions that will allow you to go further without getting so tired. It may feel a long a like road, but it is the road you need to be on to get where you are going.

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