Posted by: Joe English | October 27, 2014

Why Runners Need to Take the Time to Heal #running #marathon

running-advice-bugWhen an injury happens many runners want to push on through and keep on training. The problem is that training while injured typically just sets them back further by both delaying their recovery and reducing the quality of the training that they’re doing. In other words, they’re not only making it take longer to get back on track, but their performance is even being further reduced by doing garbage training. A reader wrote in to me with the follow question and I’d like to share my answer with you:


My boyfriend and I both run cross country. A few weeks into the season, my boyfriend got injured and his performance has been suffering ever since. He never gave his initial injury proper healing time, and as a result he has been battling various pains all season. His injuries are really killing him, and as a fellow runner, I know how he feels. This has been happening for over a month and he brings it up at least every other day. I’ve been supportive, sympathic, and as motivating as I can be, but I just don’t know what else to say to him anymore. I tried giving him advice on how to heal, but he just keeps running and ignoring his discomfort. Then when he does bad at a race, he complains. It hurts him to watch the rest of the team improve, while his performance slowly declines. He has every right to be sad, and I want him to talk to me about what is bothering him, but I just don’t know what to do anymore. How do I raise his spirits? Should I talk to him? If so how do I do that?

The first thing to understand is that his performance in his races is tied to the quality of his training. When he’s injured, he can’t get the quality in his training that allows him to improve. This means that not only is he not getting faster, but the rest of his team is getting better as they train, so the gap will just grow so long as the injury is still slowing down his training.

I wanted to start there, because he needs to understand that every time he trains with his injury he’s just delaying the day until his training can get back on track. He does need to recover from the injury, let it heal, see the sports trainer, stretch and do everything else to get better. He needs to do that in order to train fast again.

I see this a lot with runners where they kind of keep on going through the motions of training, but they aren’t getting any benefit out of it, simply because they’re hurt. The only impact of their training is to delay getting better.

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