Posted by: Joe English | December 4, 2014

Five Ways to Improve Your Vacation Workouts #running #marathon

running-advice-bugI’ll be honest. I have a love-hate relationship with vacations. I love going on vacation; I hate the fact that even though I am supposed to be so “un-busy” that I typically struggle to keep up my workouts when I’m away. Vacations are, by their nature, times when we are out of our routines. So in that vein, our workout routines tend to suffer. I just returned from a long vacation and I put some of today’s tips into practice for myself. I came back more fit than when I left. That makes my relationship with vacations a lot more loving.

Running in Costa Rica in 2012. Photo: Corrin Miller

Running in Costa Rica in 2012. Photo: Corrin Miller

Today I offer you five ways to help you make something of your vacation in terms of your fitness. Next time you travel, think about trying some of these fun alternatives to get in some quality workouts!

Tip 1 — Do something you can’t do at home — Vacations take us to far-flung places and new environments, so let’s get out there and try some new things folks! My current trip was to Hawaii and I have often dreaded running in the heat while there. This time I mixed it up and did a series of workouts centered around the breach. I did a number of open-water swims, taking advantage of the warm water that we don’t have at home in Oregon, and the soft sand of the beach. For my beach workouts I concentrated on technique and strength building (e.g. I slowed way down in the soft sand and focused on my form), to do something I just can’t do at home: run in the sand with waves splashing at my feet.

Tip 2 — Break up the routine — Runners are creatures of habit. I kind of cringe when I walk into a hotel fitness center and see people plodding along on a treadmill when they are in a beautiful place that warrants being outside. Use the fitness center for things like weight training or core work, but take advantage of the change in scene if you can. Exploring a new place is fun and it also is a change of pace from those routes that you run day in and day out back at home.

Tip 3 — Go short and fast — Is the family waiting for you to take them to Disneyland? ‘No time to go for a long run’ you say. Get out and do something short to get your engine running. You’ll feel better as you make your way through what will likely be busy days filled with lots of walking. I feel a lot better about myself doing even a 20 minute run than nothing at all. I think you will too.

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Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
@coachjoeenglish @runningadvice


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