Posted by: Joe English | January 5, 2015

New Year, Not So New You; Making Changes that Stick #running #triathlon #fitness

running-advice-bugI want to get behind the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, I really do. But to me the New Year’s Resolution is kind of the marketing hype of personal improvement. We see this in fitness centers and gyms being swollen with people for the first month of the year and then returning to their previous levels. We see this in the fact that many New Year’s resolutions get broken within weeks, days, or even hours of being made. We go through the act of thinking up New Year’s resolutions because people tell us we should and that’s quite simply the wrong reason.

4thofjulyNew Year’s resolutions are about effectuating change in our lives. Underlying the desire to try something new must be a motivation to change. We not only need to put a stake in the ground to get thinner, faster, eat better or drink less. We need to want to change the behaviors in our lives enough to overcome the habits that we’ve formed and to get to the end result we’re searching for.

Here’s the thing. We start the new year with all of the tools that we had, or didn’t have, on December 31st. If you are a person that knows how to effectuate change in your life then you can make changes that stick. If you don’t know how to make changes, or don’t have the motivation to really change, then you stand as much chance sticking to your resolutions as two dry pieces of paper sticking together in a desert.

The positive side to this is that we can make changes anytime. We don’t have to wait until December 31st to change a part of our lives. All we need are those tools that will help us stick to the changes that we want to make in our lives. I can give you three tips that will greatly help in setting and making changes in your life.

Tip 1 — Set a Specific Duration for your Goal — Experts say that if you can change a behavior for just 21 days, you’ll make a change to behavior that lasts. I like to make goals for one month, especially when trying something new. By staking a specific time to the change, such as trying a new diet or adding a new workout, you can mentally tell yourself that you are doing this or that thing for a short period of time and in that time you’ll be able to experience and see the results of the change. When you get a chance to feel the impact of the change on your life, it makes it easier to keep it going for another month and so on.

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