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We love to run

We love to run

As the number of articles continues to expand on our site, I thought it might be helpful to provide a listing of some of the most popular, most important or most interesting articles. I start below with the top 50 or so of our training articles. There are many, many more; so don’t forget to try the search box or just browse through the “training” category is you’re looking for something.

Top Training Articles on Running Advice and News
Training: Will I lose weight when I start running?

Training: What should I eat for breakfast before a long run?

Training: How much should my legs hurt after a long run?

Training: Does an eliptical trainer offer the same workout as the treadmill?

Nutrition: Accelerating the weight loss results of running

Training: What is the impact of smoking on runners

Training: How many miles per week should I run in training for a marathon?

Training: Food as fuel; diet, weight loss and food part I

Training: Food as fuel; diet, weight loss and food part II

Training: Why do I get side-aches when I run?

Training: Why do runners die during marathons?

Training: How do I deal with runner’s diarrhea part I

Training: How do I deal with runner’s diarrhea part II

Training: Dealing with stomach upset after long runs

Training: Help with blisters on the arches of the feet

Training: The First Time Marathon Runner 20 miler anguish

Training: How long should I plan between Marathons

Training: Should I run when I’m sick?

Training: Should I run with a hang-over?

Training: Ten things you need to know about hydration

Trianing: The impact of time off on running performance

Rules: Which side of the road should I run on?

Training: Can I take Ibuprofen when running?

Training: How can I improve my VO2Max?

Training: Speed workouts to boost 10KM performance

Training: How should I feel after running 20 miles?

Training: How do you eat while you run?

Training: Dealing with shin splints and shin pain

Training: The regular aches and pains of running

Training: What can I do to prepare in the week before a race?

Training: Does hill running make you faster?

Training: What are the most common running Injuries?

Training: Safe Running in Snow and Cold Weather

Training: Is running on the treadmill the same as running outdoors?

Training: Does the ellipitcal trainer benefit runners?

Training: Methods of Improving VO2 Max

Training: How do you prepare for a multi-leg event like Hood to Coast?

Training: What makes a fast distance runner?

Training: How tired should I be after running?

Training: How do I run a faster 5K?

Training: How soon can I return to running after a marathon?

Training: Understanding the taper, peaking for your next big race

Training: Strategies to achieving difficult marathon pace goals?

What’s the longest run I should do before a marathon?

Training: How important are rest days?

Training: Can I really finish my first marathon?

Training: Dealing with late season injuries before a marathon

Training: Should I run one or two 20 milers before my marathon?

Training: Dealing with pre-race anxiety

Coach Joe’s Personal Race Reports and Stories
White River 50 Miler: Coach Joe’s complete story

Hagg Lake 50K Mud Run (part I of IV)

California International Marathon 2006

Race Reports by Guest Authors
Ironman Canada 2007 (Guest Writer)

American River 50 Miler 2007 (Guest Writer)

Leadville 100 Mile Trail Race 2007 (Guest Writer)

Chicago Marathon Heat 2007 (Guest Writer)

Nike Women’s Marathon Race Report (Guest Writer)

Triathlon at Pacific Grove (Guest Writer)


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